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2020-2021 Unofficial Mayor: The Vashon Sisters

Unofficial Mayor Announcement
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The Vashon Sisters are the winning Unofficial Mayors of Vashon having raised a total of $9402.81! Vashon Sisterhood candidates were comprised of 4 strong & smart young ladies; Raena, Selene, Maarten & Lucca.

Vashon Sisterhood’s mission is to honor the feminine, empower youth, build connections, and create space for listening, sharing mentorship, and support. Way to go ladies!

Overall, the 4 participating local non-profit organizations pulled in a whopping total of $20,576.24! Thank you to all the candidates who participated; Barbara Steen with Vashon Island Heritage Museum, Fleur with Vashon Island Pet Protectors, & Sid with Vashon Youth & Family Services.

*The Vashon Chamber of Commerce along with the incumbent Unofficial Mayor, Eirene – Goddess of Peace (Dove Project), will plan to hold a swearing-in ceremony to welcome the new Unofficial Mayors at the next upcoming socially distanced event, date to be announced.*

Rising 5th grader Lucca Hansen, rising  6th  grader Maarten  Ribalet-Coesel and two rising  8th  graders Raena  Joyce and Selene  Dalinis won the Vashon Unofficial Mayor campaign raising funds for local nonprofit  Vashon Sisterhood!
Powerhouse locals  Lucca Hansen, Maarten  Ribalet-Coesel,  Raena Joyce, and Selene Dalinis decided to run for office in an effort to empower the voice of local youth.  Their campaign was dedicated to raising funds for local nonprofit,  Vashon Sisterhood, and what a success, raising a total of $9402.81!

“Sisterhood has given me hope for the young girls of today,” shares  13-year-old  Raena.  “It’s a safe place to share your thoughts and feelings and hopes.  You can be yourself and hear other people’s stories and that really brings us together as sisters.   Other  girls  should  have this  opportunity.” Raena’s vision for  Vashon Sisterhood is to expand in order for all girls in her community to have the opportunity to experience the power of being truly seen and heard.

Lucca  agreed to say,  “I  love  Sisterhood  Circles  because I  can be myself  and talk  with  other  girls  about  anything."

11-year-old Maarten added, “Sisterhood offers a way to connect with others on a deeper level than you would normally achieve in class.

“To me, Sisterhood means a safe place where you can be you, and not judged for who you are,”  explained  Selene.

Vashon  Sisterhood is a 501(c)3  organization dedicated to empowering and supporting the healthy social and emotional development of girls and young women on Vashon Island.  Sisterhood currently serves more than  80  girls and female-identifying peers between the ages of  9 and 18 through Circles in  Schools groups in the  Vashon Island School District and The Harbor School.

“We have learned  that  a deep, meaningful,  and lasting  way to  empower  girls  is  to  create  a space where  they belong,  their  voices  are  heard,  they  both  speak and listen  from  the  heart,  and where  they  are  accepted  for  who they  are,”  shares  McMurray  Middle  School  teacher  and Sisterhood  Circles  lead  Patty  Gregorich,   “This  is  the magic that is created every week in our Sisterhood Circles.”

Currently, one-third of Vashon Sisterhood’s  Circles in  Schools program is funded by a generous grant from the  Vashon Schools  Foundation.  Lucca, Maarten,  Raena and Selene’s campaign is aimed to raise enough money to be able to continue,  and hopefully, even expand the program in the  2020-21  school year,  so that they may offer programs for more girls and offer additional opportunities in mentorship,  rites of passage, nature-based experiences,  and activism.

“Living  on an island  in  a rural  setting  results  in  many  of  our  youth  feeling  isolated  and alone,  with  limited  resources  and supports  for  families,”  shares  Vashon Sisterhood  board  member  and McMurray  Middle  School  counselor  Yvette  Butler, “Sisterhood  seeks to  intentionally  identify  and include  girls  who represent  all  socioeconomic,  racial,  and ethnic  backgrounds,  with  additional  focus  on inclusion  of  girls  that  may  be underrepresented  or  experiencing  higher  levels  of  social  isolation  on Vashon Island.”

The mission of  Vashon Sisterhood is to honor the feminine,  empower youth,  build connections,  and create space for listening,  sharing mentorship,  and support.   The organization was formed in response to local community members acknowledging data that consistently identifies that local youth on Vashon Island experience an alarming number of risk factors,  along with higher than average mental health concerns and substance use trends.

Maarten, Lucca, Raena, and Selene’s support of  Sisterhood could not come at a better time.  With everything our girls have gone through this school year being so isolated from their peers,  they will need this more than ever in the fall.  The community’s support of  Lucca, Maarten,  Raena, and Selene will go a long way to fill the financial void so this crucial program can continue for  Lucca, Maarten,  Raena, Selene, and their  “sisters”  at our island schools.


Vashon Sisterhood is a 501(c)3  organization dedicated to girls’  empowerment and supporting the healthy social and emotional development of young women on Vashon Island.  Vashon Sisterhood seeks to intentionally identify and include girls who represent all socioeconomic,  racial, and ethnic backgrounds,  with additional focus on inclusion of youth that may be underrepresented and/or experiencing higher levels of social isolation on  Vashon Island.  The organization’s Circles in  Schools mentorship program currently serves more than  80 girls in  Vashon Island  School  District and will grow to have programs that include rites of passage, nature-based experiences,  and activism.

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