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Vashon-Maury Island Chamber of Commerce - Our Collective Responsibility  Standing in Solidarity & Our Commitment to Inclusivity 

Over the last several weeks, we’ve watched as events have unfolded around the country and in our communities, laying bare the systemic inequality and oppression that persists against people of color. We must recognize and denounce racism in every form, and respect and embrace the right to come together and peacefully protest to demand reform. To create true change, we have to examine our own views and actions in light of the pain that is deeply felt but too often ignored.The founding mission of the Vashon-Maury Island Chamber of Commerce is to cultivate a vital environment for commerce and create opportunities for Island businesses and organizations to prosper while enriching the unique quality of Island life. We cannot truly prosper and grow as a community if we allow hate, violence, and discrimination to persist. The Chamber and our members have a platform to build a community that is stronger, more equitable, and more resilient than before by making inclusion and diversity pillars of our organization and community. We are committed to taking action and empowering people to share their experiences and create meaningful change and opportunities

We are taking action!!

  • We are reviewing our bylaws to ensure that we recognize and uphold the principles of inclusivity that define our organization.
  • We will actively and continuously gather and provide business resources to create positive change around human rights. The first draft of a resource page will be posted by 6/19. We encourage feedback and contribution to keep this page consistently updated.
  • We plan to offer a discussion on diversity and inclusion in the workplace in the upcoming weeks. We will schedule this discussion on a semi-annual basis so that it stays at the forefront of our business's minds.

The struggles that Black, Indigenous, People of Color face regarding mistreatment from the police, over-representation among essential workers, and disproportionate impact from the health and economic effects of COVID-19 are all serious human rights issues that must be addressed. We stand in solidarity to effect change.