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Vashon-Maury Island Chamber of Commerce


The Vashon-Maury Island Chamber of Commerce strives to cultivate a vital environment for commerce and create opportunities for Island businesses and organizations to prosper, while enriching the unique quality of life for every Islander.


Better Business for a Better Island

The Chamber is a membership-based organization, currently representing over 270 Island-based businesses. The more active and involved our members are the more effective The Chamber of Commerce is for Vashon.

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One of our goals is to help people find Vashon so they can purchase art, patronize our businesses and frequent the many events. We operate the Island Visitor's Center and promote Island businesses through our Heart of the Sound Map, Social Media and by working with the local, regional and national press. We've initiated a shop local campaign called SHOP VASHON to encourage people to support Vashon businesses of all types.

We represent over 270 Vashon businesses and work with our members to create ways to support each other. We organize an annual Lodging Tour for our vacation/event rental member. We publish a restaurant/lodging guide for member restaurants and lodging members that is very popular with visitor and Islanders alike. We have a brochure that is a resource for wedding and event planners highlighting member businesses and we created the Vashon Home Fair and Self-Care Fairtrade shows to highlight Vashon based service businesses.

Our new website is a powerful marketing and communication tool. As of April 2nd, 2019, we are averaging over 7000 unique visitors a month to our website. As a courtesy we offer a free listing to every business on the Island (with exceptions), our members get enhanced listings as well as the opportunity to promote their business through Hot Deals, Events, and sponsorship.

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The Chamber runs the Strawberry Festival, CiderFest, Spring Fling, Trick or Treat Night in Town, and the traditional Santa Parade and Tree Lighting and supports the events Island non-profits and businesses Our hands and hearts are in everything — for these events bring people in our community together.

The Chamber is also focused on issues of magnitude that need further discussion and exploration. We play an active role in this community in relationships with King County and state officials.  The Chamber is a powerful and effective voice on behalf of our Island community and works to improve Island services.

We have often been asked: "Is the Vashon Chamber a member of the state or national Chamber of Commerce?"

The Vashon Chamber is independent. We support Vashon businesses and those that do business with Vashon. We are a business association with no ties to the off-island state or national chamber or other national business organizations.

Our values, actions and policies are in support of Vashon. State and national organizations are often not in keeping with our entrepreneurial spirit and unique ways we are so proud of.

We know and respect that our Island believes we all should learn to balance positively the needs of the business community and the environment. As an organization, we also feel that creating local, family-wage jobs and products or services will benefit everyone on the island in many ways and help to create long term sustainability.

By being independent we are free to live and work the Island way! We can do this because of the support of our member businesses. Through the support of Chamber Members, we are able to help every Vashon business thrive and provide a foundation for making Vashon... Vashon.