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Welcome to the Vashon Island Chamber of Commerce!

Our mission is to cultivate a vital environment for commerce and create opportunities for Island businesses and organizations to prosper, while enriching the unique quality of life for every Islander.

The Chamber is a membership-based organization, currently representing over 150 Island-based businesses. The more active and involved our members are, the more effective the Chamber of Commerce is for Vashon.

Read our most recent annual report for a deeper look at the organization and our programming!


Click here to join the Chamber and become an active part of the Vashon business community.

Membership FAQs

One of our goals is to help people find Vashon so they can patronize our businesses and frequent our many events. The Chamber is also focused on issues of magnitude that need further discussion and exploration. We play an active role in this community in relationships with King County and state officials. The Chamber is a powerful and effective voice on behalf of our Island community and works to improve Island services.

We're often asked, is the Vashon Chamber a member of the state or national Chamber of Commerce?

The Vashon Chamber is independent. We support Vashon businesses and those that do business with Vashon. We are a business association with no ties to the off-island state or national chamber or other national business organizations.

By being independent, we are free to live and work the Island way through the support of our membership. With the help of our members, we are able to help every Vashon business thrive and provide a foundation for making Vashon... Vashon.