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Islanders for Ferry Action


The Vashon Chamber of Commerce convened a working group in September, 2023, now called Islanders for Ferry Action (IFA). It's comprised of concerned business owners, parents, and other islanders dedicated to identifying and lobbying for solutions to chronic ferry service disruptions.

IFA recognizes that the causes of the service disruptions are deeply-rooted and have been a long time developing. We are committed to working together with islanders not just on Vashon, but with all ferry-served communities who want to participate to discover and implement creative, real-world solutions that will help Washington residents stay on the move.

Read our November, 2023 Community Report,  which compiles input from over three-hundred Vashon residents and other ferry-served communities. The solutions-oriented report is a synthesis of thousands of community problem statements and solution suggestions. It outlines the real world impacts to several key constituency groups on Vashon; emergency services and public health, students and schools, small business owners, and frequent commuters.



It will take all of us working together to win short-term and long-term solutions. Click here to join our email list to receive relevant action and information updates. You will only receive emails specifically related to WSF organizing efforts.

Click here for our action sheet that includes contact information for legislators and agency decision-makers.

Call or email our state legislators and Governor Inslee and urge them to support our legislative priorities:

1. Enhanced Recruitment and Retention Incentives: We urge the state to fund improved recruitment and retention bonuses and benefits to incentivize crew members to join and remain within the WSF system.

2. Designated Additional Crew Funding: Funding for designated additional crew for ferry-dependent communities is essential. This will ensure that service disruptions are minimized and that our communities remain accessible at all times.

3. Schedule Adjustments on the Triangle Route: Five years is too long to wait for reliable service. We request funding for WSF staffing to study and adjust the current two boat schedule to make service reliable.

4. Expedited Ticketing Program Implementation: We encourage WSF to accelerate the integration of systems like 'Good to Go' with 'Waves to Go' for a more efficient ticketing process across the network.

5. Prioritization of the Triangle Route: We ask that WSF prioritize the Triangle route by assigning an Olympic class boat to the Triangle route during the summer high season until a reliable three-boat service is established.

Contact your elected leadership and agency representatives:

State Senator Joe Nguyen, 34th district: / (360) 786-7667

State Representative Joe Fitzgibbon, 34th district: / (360) 786-7952

State Representative Emily Alvarado, 34th district: / (360) 786-7978

State Senator Marko Liias, Chair, Senate Transportation Committee: / 360.786.7640

Governor Jay Inslee: / 360-902-4111

State Rep. Jake Fey, Chair, House Transportation Committee: / 360-786-7974

Patty Rubstello, Asst. Secretary, Washington State Ferries:

Advocate for expanded water taxi service and Metro service through King County:

King County Executive Dow Constantine: / 206-263-9600

King County Council Member Teresa Mosqueda: / 206-477-1008

Change is possible. Proposed funding for recruitment, a change in tone from state leadership, and the temporary assignment of the Suquamish on the Triangle route prove that collective action is making headway. Contact your elected representatives today!

Click here to sign the petition! Add your name and help us demonstrate how many people in our community are affected by ferry disruptions.



One of our top priorities is gathering stories to share that illustrate the variety of impacts ferry service disruptions create. It's not just long lines – it’s stranded kids, missed medical treatments, lost wages and revenue, missing important life events - the impacts are real, severe, and deeply affect our quality of life. Please consider sharing your story with us. We will use your words and experiences to better tell our stories in the media and to the legislators and policy makers who have the power to implement solutions. Click here to share your story.



Read the Seattle Times editorial calling on Governor Inslee to take action now.

Chamber of Commerce 2023 business survey results: learn more about how WSF service disruptions impact our economy.

Click here to read the WSF report and proposals for potential changes to the Fauntleroy dock.


Every great political movement needs a theme song - click play below to hear Chris Anderson's "Waiting for a Ferry"