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Road Closures, Detours, Shuttle Buses, Metro Buses, Water Taxi, Ferries, and Parking Permits

The portion of Vashon Highway SW that runs through town will be closed during Strawberry Festival. Traffic will be routed onto Cove Road, 107th Avenue, Bank Road, 103rd Avenue, 100th Avenue, and 178th Street. 100th for northbound traffic only, 103rd for southbound traffic. (Click for map)

5 PM Street Closure: Vashon Highway SW will be closed from Cove Road to Bank Road on Friday at 5:00 PM until Sunday at 8:00 PM
7 Pm Street closures: Vashon Highway SW will be closed from Bank Road to 178th on Friday at 7:00 PM until Sunday at 8:00 PM
Bank Road Closures: Bank Road will be closed between 97th and 100th on Friday at 7:00 PM and will stay closed through the festival.
Grand Parade Closures: In preparation for the Grand Parade, Vashon Highway will close on Saturday at 9:00 AM from 178th to 192nd (at Mom’s Deli) until the parade ends at approximately 1:00 PM. Also temporary closure of Bank Road from 100th to 103rd and 178th at 100th during the parade.
Sunday Car Parade Closures: Vashon Highway will close at Cemetery Road on Sunday at 11:40 AM for the car parade. Bank Road will close at 103rd, and 178th will be closed at 100th to allow the car parade cars to drive through. Once the parade is over, these roads will open back to the detour route.

Strawberry Festival Shuttle Service
sponsored by PSCCU & Chris Hunt & Associates.

Organizers recommend parking away from the festival and taking advantage of the shuttle and Metro buses. Shuttle stops will have signs, but visitors can wave down the shuttle if they're in a safe place for the shuttle to pull over.

THE NORTH END SHUTTLE BUS: North End Ferry Dock to Ober Park Park and Ride.

Saturday 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM/Sunday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Stops at:

  1. North End Ferry Dock
  2. Across from The Mermaid by N end ferry
  3. Vashon Community Care Center
  4. Ober Park Park and Ride

The Shuttle will attempt to meet boats, pick up passengers along the way and drop off at Ober Park. Return trips pick up at Ober Park. The last shuttle leaving Ober Park back to the ferry dock will be at 6:30 PM on Saturday and 5:30 PM Sunday.


  1. North End ferry (no sign there - no grass and limited to 6 lawn signs)
  2. Across from The Mermaid by N end ferry
  3. Vashon Community Care Center
  4. Ober Park Park and Ride
  5. Across from Snapdragon

THE SOUTH END SHUTTLE SHUTTLE BUS: South End Ferry to 178th & Vashon Highway, Vashon Senior Center and Snapdragon

  1. South End Ferry
  2. Vashon Center for the Arts
  3. 178th & Vashon Highway.
  4. Vashon  Senior Center
  5. Snapdragon Cafe

Saturday 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM/Sunday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

The last shuttle leaving the Vashon Senior Center for the south-end ferry dock will be at 7:00 pm Saturday & 5:30 pm Sunday.

For all shuttles, the suggested donation is $2.00 per person.  Please bring exact change.

Vashon Water Taxi & Expanded KC Metro Bus Service

Now you can take the Water Taxi to Vashon on the Saturday of Strawberry Festival. Click here for schedule. King County Metro has also schedule addition Metro bus service on Saturday 7/20. The regular Sunday Metro bus schedule will be in effect as well. Times will vary slightly from the regular schedule and the bus will follow the detour route around the Festival Area.

Washington State Ferries

WA State Ferries will be running from all ports to Vashon. Visit the WA State Ferries website for complete schedule. For real time Ferry Schedules and service alerts download the WADOT app to your smart phone. WADOT AP.

Get complete ferry by phone call Washington State Ferries, 888-808-7977.

Parking and Permits

Festival-goers are encouraged to take a shuttle bus from either ferry docks. Those who drive to town will find parking scarce, and many roads to town will be closed much of the weekend (see Road closures). A limited number of disabled parking permits will allow some to park closer to town. Call the Chamber of Commerce at 206-463-6217 to obtain a disabled parking permit.

Off Street Parking

ISLAND FUNERAL SERVICES LOT: Get a great parking spot and support the Vashon Senior Center. Off Street Parking is available at Island Funeral Services. All-day parking is $5. Saturday.  People who park at the site are welcome to view the parade from the front lawn, it's a great viewing spot.

Access to the parking lot will be via 100th Ave SW. Head South on 100th at the Four way stop by the Post Office, it looks like the road ends, well it does but you drive on grass to get to the lot. Follow the signs.

Click here for a map.