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Made on Vashon

Vashon is home to many great artisans who take pride in the products they make. From garden tools to craft beer, things made on Vashon have something special about them. Check out these products from Chamber of Commerce members that are Made on Vashon!
Check out our Made on Vashon Pinterest page as well.

Anu Rana's Healthy Snacks


Anu Rana' Healthy Kitchen makes healthy gourmet cookies, pies, bars and more! Made with 100% Almond Flour, heart healthy, fresh goodies.

Available at: Cafe Luna, Minglement's, Vashon Liquors, Vashon Farmer's Market, Vashon Thriftway; also available at Metro Coffee Tacoma and at West Coast Grocery in UW Tacoma!

Dragon's Head Ciders

Named for the dragon who guards the apples of immortality in the Garden of Hesperides, Dragon's Head Cider produces high quality hard ciders with a traditional approach from apples and pears grown on Vashon.

Available at: Minglement, Vashon Liquor Store, Vashon Thriftwayand more!

Cliff's Beer

Vashon Brewing Company is the Island's only commercial brewery. Dedicated to brewing and selling quality draft beer, Cliff brews different styles of beer seasonally. Check out their website to learn what is available now!
Available at: The Red Bike and the Issaquah Ferry.

Also availabe in growlers at: The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie and The Vashon Liquor Store.

Broadforks by Meadow Creature

The Meadow Creature Broadfork is that gardening/farming tool you wish you had bought years ago. This Vashon-made broadfork features sharp, super-rigid, slightly curved tines that make tilling and aerating soil easier than any other hand held device and more ecological than powered devices. Learn more at the Meadow Creature website. They also make the all-steel Avalon Cider Press.

Available at: Vashon True Value and online.

Perry from Nashi Orchards

Nashi Orchards grows the finest Island Asian Pears and handcrafts perry and cider right here on Vashon Island. Check out their beautiful barn and their website. If you haven't tried a perry, you owe it to yourself to check it out!

Available at: Minglement, Vashon Liquor Store and Vashon Thriftway.

Palouse Wines

Palouse Winery handcrafts limited-quantity wines of the highest quality right here on Vashon Island. Wine is aged in 100% French oak barrels and carefully crafted for the best taste possible. Recognized as one of the best wine makers in the Puget Sound, as well as in the state of Washington.

Available at: Palouse Winery Tasting Room, Vashon Thriftway, Vashon Liquor Store and more.

Soap from Rainy Day Gardens

Handcrafted soaps made the traditional cold pressed method with ingredients clearly listed on each bar. Made in small batches, formed by wooden molds, cut by hand and cured for three weeks before it is brought to market. These soaps are works of art! To learn more visit

Available at: Heron's Nest, Vashon Thriftway, Saturday Farmer's Marketand more!

Spirits by Seattle Distilling

Seattle Distilling is run by two families who care deeply about what they make, from their award-winning Seattle Distilling Gin to their Idle Hour Whiskey, each of their spirits is made from the best local ingredients using the most sustainable methods possible. They even made their own still, which is a wonderful piece of art as well. To learn more visit

Available at: Seattle Distilling Tasting Room, Vashon Liquors and Vashon Market IGA.

Woodburning Stoves from Unforgettable Fire.

Unforgettable Fire is the company behind the Vashon-created Kimberly Stove and the new Katydid Stove. These stoves are efficient, free standing, solid fuel-burning stoves. A hi-tech heating solution for heating small spaces, they can also be used to produce power, heat water, cook and bake. All Unforgettable Fire stoves are UL-, EPA- and CSA-certified. To learn more visit their website.