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Membership Benefit FAQs

We recently changed our membership structure. If we haven't answered your question below, please feel free to reach out to us via email at

Why did the membership structure change?

The old membership structure was based on member's number of employees. The Chamber researched many other chamber structures and developed this to more closely match Vashon's community business needs.

How do I renew my expired membeship?

Simply contact us at to renew - we will send an invoice and update your listing and benefits upon receipt of payment. You will not be able to rejoin through the member application.

Is there a membership category for nonprofits?

Yes, nonprofits are eligible for a reduced membership rate at $300 annually. We believe healthy local non-profit organizations are vital to our mission should spend more of their budget supporting the community and less on fees and dues.

What about event sponsorships? Where are those?

Currently, members are contacted individually for each sponsorship opportunities. If you're interested in broader reach and a sponsorship opportunity, contact us at